Cameron Tredoux

Web Technician

Cameron is Naas and Heather’s eldest son and the “coding brains” behind building this website. Without his help, this website wouldn’t be possible.

Cameron was born in a little town outside Budapest, Hungary, and in his short span of life has been privileged to live on three continents. Some of his happiest years were during 1st-5th grades in beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa. Living in so many places has broadened his world view and helped him to adapt to the many different nuances of life.

Cameron is currently in 9th grade at Pine Creek High School. He loves gaming with his buddies, living in beautiful Colorado Springs, reading, skiing, playing rugby, solving Rubik’s cubes, and has recently started training as a duathlete.

If you need someone to help you build a website, Cameron is for hire so don’t hesitate to contact this industrious, creative young man!

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