Heather Tredoux

Director's Assistant

Heather is as passionate about health and fitness as her husband, Naas. She loves the outdoors and helping people discover their inner true selves. As a mother of three kiddos, she has a tremendous heart for kids who don’t get to experience the gift of love and the freedom to live out their gifts and talents. Helping Naas direct this race is one way of reaching out in her community to help make this world a better place.

Heather is actually a Colorado Native – born in Ft. Collins – but grew up in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. She received her bachelor’s degree from Rice University and her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from UT Austin. After working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a psychologist, Heather was swept off her feet when she saw Naas, a South African seminary student, playing rugby and singing in front of a crowd all in one weekend. Knowing she couldn’t live without him, Heather soon married Naas and moved to Bucharest, Romania where together they served in church & leadership development across Eastern Europe.

After years abroad, Heather is now enjoying raising her three kids in Colorado Springs, working at Compassion International, building a church that is relevant to the issues of today, promoting a plant-based diet & compassionate lifestyle, and training for running races and the IDR-30 (not quite ready for the 200)!

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