What to bring

You'll be wise to remember these

  • Remember your helmet
  • Bring your bike
  • Chain Lube
  • September 10, 2016
Each participant must carry with them (on their body or on their bike) every item on this list:

1 Red taillight
2 Front light with decent power output
3 Minimum of 48oz of water or sports drink
4 Spare inner tubes
5 Air pump or inflation system

ADDITIONAL Supplies You Should SERIOUSLY Consider:

1 Cell phone to contact the “outside world” should you need help.
2 GPS system or Cycling Computer to help communicate your location to support or rescue personnel in the event of an emergency.
3 Small rucksack / hydration pack
4 Waterproof / windproof jacket
5 Extra thermal top or warm layer to wear if stopped
6 An emergency / survival blanket
7 Food – energy bars, gels, chocolate, etc.
8 Tire levers
9 Puncture repair kit
10 Bicycle tire plug kit
11 Chain tool
12 Allen wrench set
13 Spoke wrench
14 First aid kit
15 Chamois Butt’r
16 Chain lube
17 Cash, debit card or credit card. (To purchase food, water, supplies)
18 Handlebar map case
19 Compass
20 Sunglasses and clear lens glasses for night time riding

Race Info