2015 Pit stop #3 - 150 miles

  • Simla
  • Replenish
  • September 10, 2016


The little town of Simla is the third stop of the IDR200 race. Simla was founded in 1909 by a man with the name of Altman. He named the town Simla because of what the daughter of a railroad official told him about a town in India named “Shimla.” She was reading a book about the beautiful Indian town and learned that it is a very popular holiday-retreat during the summer months and a famous holiday spot for honeymooners! No such fun is to be had in Simla for IDR200 riders, however! By the time they come through Simla, they will have covered 150 miles and will have to gear up for the last 50 miles of the race!

Notable athletes from Simla include Glenn Morris, gold medal winner of the 1936 Olympic decathlon, as well as Barry Helton, former professional football player in the NFL. Another little known fact is that Glenn Morris, who was also the first Tarzan, grew up in Simla. So if you see what looks like a man swinging between the trees, you might not be hallucinating after covering 150 miles of gravel riding!

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