Close to the finish line

  • Peyton
  • Replenish
  • September 10, 2016

The little town of Elbert was named after Samuel Hitt Elbert. The town grew up alongside the Rock Island Rail Line. It was a busy business center in the middle of some of the best farms and ranches in Colorado until a flood swept most of it away on May 31, 1935. Elbert as a business center has never recovered from the flood but it is again blossoming in its own right. Elbert is a small prairie town located about 30 minutes from Colorado Springs. The town of Elbert combines the beauty of the Colorado forests, the rolling hills of the Front Range plains, beautiful farmlands, and the peace of a town that is deeply linked to a history spanning over a hundred years.

Elbert is only a few miles from the finishing line which is at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch. To learn more about what the finish holds in store, navigate to CREW INFO and THINGS TO DO tab.

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