The Course

September 10, 2016 - Start at 6am - Finish at 12am

  • Sunrise at 6:30am
  • Sunset at 7:30pm

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The 2016 edition of the IDIRTAROD Gravel Challenge begins and ends at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch.
We now have 4 distance options available: 200, 150, 75 and 35 miles
Sunrise: 6:30am
Sunset: 7:30pm

Race day is Saturday, September 10th. The race starts at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch (PVSR), next to the small town of Elbert. (It’ll be fairly dark at 6am so be sure to have a decent front and rear light). From the Scout Ranch, the route winds in different directions, depending on the distance you are going. Some of the routes will head out towards the Greenland Open Space on farm roads and others will head East and South on miles upon miles of gravel roads that head deep into the plains of Colorado.

The further east you go, the more remote and rugged the landscape becomes. It’ll feel like you are once again back in the Wild West. The course will rarely be flat and can be extremely hilly at times followed by some huge descents that will make you feel very alive, despite the exhaustion creeping in after many hours of riding. There will be a few spots on the course that will have thick sand and even a spot or two where the road has been washed out by heavy rain fall this past summer, but in general the roads are fast paced gravel.

Most of the course will be on open public-access roads. Although some blacktop roads will be necessary from time to time, the vast majority of the course (99%) will be on gravel and dirt roads. Some of these roads receive little to no maintenance and can be quite primitive in nature. This course will require a high-quality, well-prepared bicycle with a wide gear range and good tires. Participants should be prepared to suffer and to have their physical, mental and emotional strengths tested to the full! The race begins and ends at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch near the town of Elbert with the cut off at 12am.

Please note that the exact course is subject to approval and may be changed at certain points.
We will make the routes and gps files for the 2016 course available a few weeks before the race.

Race Info