The race name IDIRTAROD was inspired by the Iditarod sleigh race in Alaska – dubbed “The Last Great Race on Earth” – a race covering 1000 miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain Mother Nature has to offer! In 1925, part of the Iditarod trail became a life saving highway for epidemic-stricken Nome, Alaska. Diphtheria threatened the Alaskan children and serum had to be brought in by intrepid dog mushers and their faithful hard-driving dogs.

In the same way, the IDIRTAROD Gravel Challenge is not just a gravel race. It’s a race in which unique men and women emulate the same spirit of the Iditarod mushers: a quest for adventure and a pursuit of reaching beyond oneself. The IDIRTAROD pits man and bike against the challenges of gravel racing at high altitudes. As each mile is covered, it is a tribute to the human spirit to always reach higher and deeper.

Just as the Iditarod helped save many children’s lives, the goal of the IDIRTAROD Gravel Challenge is to provide gravel riders an opportunity to not only test themselves, but to bring hope into the lives of children, and especially the lives of Colorado children who are in desperate need.

-Naas Tredoux (Race Director)